Sending projects!

I’ve have essentials5! I’m wondering if my friend also has cubase, can I send him hole projects where he can add a track or two and actually finalize it!or do i have to mix my project channels down into file’s and send them that way! Thanks for any reply Howard

what version does your mate have?

Also he’d need the same plugins.

Here’s a compatibility chart between Cubase versions:
But as Split said, you also have to have same plugins to be 100% compatible.

Thank you! How do I send a project? I tried sending myself a project but it always says missing file’s! Is there anywhere I could read up on this? thank you Howard

Are you trying just the project file? If so it would explain the missing files. You need the whole project folder (which includes the project Audio folder, etc.).

Try the Back Up Project function (File - > Back up…). It’ll let you save everything to a new folder and strip it from unused files if you want, minimizing the size.