Sending Rough Mixes To A Mix Engineer

I am fairly new to Cubase Elements. What is the best why to send a completed song that has both audio and midi to a mix engineer? I notice there is no render in place function in Elements. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

In Cubase Elements, you cannot export all Channels as separate files at once. So you have to do it manually one by one. Solo one track, export it, solo another one, etc.

For the MIDI data, use File > Export > MIDI File.

Be aware, MIDI are just data. So you need a synthesiser to get a sound. If you are using HW synth, they will need it in the studio. If you are using virtual instrument, they will need it too. It might be, they don’t have this instrument or this library. So to be on the safe side, export the audio of your synths too.

It sounds like it will be a good time to update to Cubase Artists. Thanks for the advice Martin!

I think only Pro version has the option to export separate channels at once but now, when Steinberg offers free update to all Artist users it might be a good move.

True, it is a “Pro only” feature.

The free upgrade to Pro is only for new Artist purchases (full version), not upgrades (from Elements).


You are right. But all upgrades are 40% off right now. What is also very nice deal.

A very nice deal, indeed. :sunglasses:

Wait a minute? Can’t Cubase Pro open a saved Cubase Element’s Project file? I think it can. In which case, yes, mixdown/convert your midi tracks to audio, keep both tracks in your Project, and then send the ML a copy of your Project. You don’t need to send a ML your individual tracks, this is 2020. If the ML doesn’t have Cubase Pro in house, find another ML. If he prefers to work in PT, then let him render your tracks in Cubase and build a PT session.


If the other studio is using Cubase, then of course, you can just share the project (and Audio, Edits, etc. subfolder(s)).

Use File > Back up Project function to make sure you take everything you need and nothing more with you.