Sending specific channels of a Multichannel file to Mono/Stereo buses using direct outs?

Dear all,

Let’s say I start from a quad Atmos recording (L-R-Ls-Rs). I would like to send the front pair of the quad to stereo track 1 (“Atmo Front”), and the back pair to stereo track 2 (“Atmo Back”). I would like to be able to do this purely by routing : keeping the quad file intact as one 4-channel file, not splitting the quad file into 4 separate mono tracks

As a workaround, I have managed to do this by making 2 sends on the Quad track, and inserting mixconvert on the send pans.
Send 1 goes to Stereo track 1 (“Atmo Front”). In the mixconvert plugin, inserted on the sends panning, I solo the front pair of the quad source
Send 2 goes to Stereo track 2 (“Atmo Back”). In the mixconvert plugin, inserted on the send pan, I solo the back pair of the quad source

Is there a more elegant way to do this? I was hoping to do this with direct routing, but I haven’t found a way to select a specific part of a multichannel file as a source to feed a direct out. By default you make a direct out from a quad track to a stereo track, it sums the the 4 channels to a stereo pair, without giving you the option to choose which of the 4 channels are being used to feed the stereo direct out.

Thank you in advance for any tips!



Myself I would go for the way you have chosen.

Thanks Martin for your reply! Seems like the long-winded road is the only one then…