Sending Sysex midi to hardware synth


This is the first time I am trying to do this, but cant do it correctly ofcourse… First of all I use C Essential 5 and I have read the manual about this properly I think…I am able to import sysex data on a midi track into the list editor, but if I erase the event created in the right, the data will be dissappear. Do I have to wipe out the event after import? If not, how long do the event have to be for the midi data to be transferred correctly? Should the midi track just contain the sysex information, no other events etc.
Second, I have never used midi port out from Cubase before, just midi in, so in the midi port setup in Cubase the midi out
is listed as inactive. I cant seem to activate it. My soundcard is a Motu Ultralite mk3 hybrid. There is no option for this in the interface menu so I have to activate the port inside Cubase. (Ofcourse I have a midi cable connected from “midi out” on the interface to “midi in” on the sound module).
The midi I want to send to the module is a whole preset bank in RAM so could this be a problem?
I knew this would be trouble… so if anyone have some advice it will be much appreciated.
Maybe this went a bit long:)


The active/inactive thing simply means if Cubase has a track assigned to that in or output or not. Create a midi track and set it’s output to the one you want and look at that screen again, you’ll see the output is now active :slight_smile: