Sends before Inserts?

I would like to be able to send from an audio channel before the inserts. Is this possible? Ideally, I’d like to be able to put the sends anywhere I want in the chain, but I’m sure that this isn’t possible. Any suggestions, other than double the number of tracks in the project? :frowning:


I think there are plugins that allow sending of audio from one instance to another, but I don’t remember any names.
You could check KVR, the plugin database and search there?

Perhaps you can elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve (the larger picture)? Could be easier to find a solution that way.

Yes of course. I have an audio track with SPAT as an insert, for placement. I want to send from the original audio to a reverb channel before it went through SPAT. Whatever way I do it, I end up with an extra track.


I guess duplicating track is the easiest way to do this really…
But you probably already do this :wink:
By / Tumppi

Yes, I don’t want extra tracks. I’ve got enough in the project already. So I guess I’ve got my answer. Nuendo can’t do this. :frowning:


Sadly not - all the prefade sends are post insert.
It might make a nice FR to have the sends switchable to pre insert & EQ as well as pre-fader.


I don’t think other Daw’s do this either. I’ve never really thought about this really. I guess the problem would be if you’d want to send the signal pre- or post-fade. That’d be another decision that would have to be made in programming then…

We had that discussion before on the old forum, and a closer look brought up many (technical) problems. As far as I can remember, we couldn’t even make it work in theory.
That being said, technology has made big progress since then, so I guess nothing is impossible anymore …


You could use a group channel with SPAT insert and direct the dry and wet signals in it. I know it’s an extra track but you won’t have duplicate events.

I don’t want the wet signal going through SPAT and it’s still an extra channel per instrument. As I have many instruments, it’s not just one extra track.


If it’s a specific use, I use the reverb as an insert and automate the Dry/wet balance.
For a group of tracks, you can do this through a dedicated group track.
But things can get complicated pretty fast …


If I understood correctly…

You want a signal to go to an aux channel before passing through inserts on that track?
Isn’t it possible to put the SPAT plugin on the last two inserts which are post-fader inserts and set the aux send to pre-fader? I cannot test it now but this is how I remember Nuendo sends works.

On Nuendo manual (p.205, p.213) is says that insert effect 7 & 8 are post fader (post EQ also) and that you could send a track signal pre-insert 7 & 8.

Hope I understood properly what you want to achive. :smiley:


All sends come after the inserts. The “pre-fader” / “post-fader” is exactly that, either sending pre or post fader, not pre or post inserts.

Unfortunately a Wet/Dry automation negates the while point of using the SPAT plug.


Yes, exactly.


Strage… I asked a friend to do a test and he said that aux send is pre-insert 7&8 when pre-fader is on.

He did the following test:

  1. Made a track with a sine wave.
  2. Made an FX channel with nothing on it.
  3. Put a pitch shift on insert 7 on the track.
  4. Sent the track signal to the aux with pre-fade option enabled.
  5. Made 2 groups.
  6. Direct track output to group 1.
  7. Direct FX channel output to group 2.
  8. Solo each grup and on grup 1 it played the pitched sound and on group 2 it played the non-piched sound.

Maybe we did something wrong though… :confused:
It would be sad to find that all inserts are pre-sends… :cry:

I stand corrected. I remembered incorrectly and didn’t read the manual properly. Inserts 7/8 indeed are after the “pre-sends”. You’re right.

You are correct, but it means that the send has to be pre-fader, which I didn’t want.


But then imagine the routing necessary. You’d have to create several “parallel” paths to accomplish this. Sounds pretty messy to me (talking about programming).