Sends from Midi Track to VST Instruments - More than 5?

Hi there,
Usings Cubase 6 here and want to connect more than 5 different VST Instruments/(in my case more than 5 inserted Drumagogs) to one midi track. So far I can connect one via the normal output in the inspector and an additional of 4 at midi sends which gives me the number of 5 together.
Has anybody an idea if it`'s possible to connect more.
Any help is much appreciated Thanks guys! :confused: :laughing:


install LoopBe1 (a MIDI loopback virtual cable, it’s freeware), and create another MIDI track. Then route the output of the original MIDI track into LoopBe1 Out, and set the newly created MIDI track so that it will receive the input from LoopBe1 In. Don’t forget to enable monitoring on the second MIDI track. This way, you are basically duplicating the original MIDI track, therefore, you will have next four MIDI sends at your disposal :wink:


Thanks Miloslav,
I already tried midiyoke before and it worked BUT drumagog has a latency of 79,9 ms.
If I just monitor through the second midi track now I need to adjust this latency but can’t see where. It isn’t sync with the first track. Tried Midi Delay but didn’t work. any ideas?
If I copy midi data from first track and then add 79,9 in the inspector that works but I don’t want the second midi data on the track cause then need always two midis to edit. :unamused:

Hi, Rolf,

at first you mentioned that it was Drumagog which had this large latency but then you wrote that the two tracks were not in sync. For me, this implies that it is not Drumagog but Midiyoke which is causing that latency. So, maybe you should try LoopBe1. This utility is significantly newer than Midiyoke and, moreover, officially supported for W7.


Downloaded Loopbe1 - tried it- same thing

Aha, I have now realized that Drumagog isn’t actually a VST Instrument but an audio plugin generating MIDI. Which is, indeed, quite a different situation. So, could you describe your setup and routing more precisely? What is placed where?


Here ya go.
Have a midi snare track. Output to an audiochannel inserted with drumagog.
Added 79,9 delay comp to the midi track, perfect sync with the output of drumagog.
ok lined up now a midi and a drumagog. all good so far.
Say I have another four audio/FX/Group tracks (doesn’t matter) with each a drumagog inserted. want now to route via the four available midi sends to each of them. works perfect via midi send. BUT there is only four of them.
If I open another midi track and do it your way I can’t fix the sync cause there is no data on the midi track.


I don’t know, maybe Cubase processes the delay compensation for the main output of a MIDI track and for its sends differently. So, try to route one of the sends (instead of the main output) of the first MIDI track via LoopBe1 into the second MIDI track. Then, don’t apply any delays to the second track. I think this should work…

Anyway, can I ask you something? If I understood it well, you are using Drumagog really as an instrument. It means, you do not use it for converting drum hits from an audio recording into MIDI, but for converting a MIDI performance into audio. Why do you do it this way? As far as I know, Drumagog was invented for the exactly opposite process… That’s the reason why it is an audio effect and not an instrument. Or, is there a VSTi version of Drumagog?


Miloslav thanks for helping. I check it out.

No I’m using Drumagog as a soundreplacer for audio hits. But not triggered direct via audio. I trigger them via Midi and therefore I convert a lets say snare track via the new “Hitpoint to Midi” tool. A Midi track where I then can manually add and change Hits much easier. For me this works even better then using Drumagog or Trigger from Steven Slate triggered by audio directly.
I discovered that both are not very good with e.g. Snare Flames. With the Hitpoints manually you can adjust it so well and they are going to be played 100%! which drumagog has some issues here and there at least in my system.
And the detection for a Tom track is very bad in drumagog too. The new Cubase Hitpoints are amazing with that!!

in case you didn’t know:

Tobias Erichson’s LoopMIDI local MIDI Loopback driver has no restrictions on the number of MIDI ports, works in both platforms x32 and x64. Very reliable, flexibel and for free.

Why dont you dissolve the midi track via note split then you’ll have a midi track for each drum with the ability of addressing 5 drumagogs each?

Cause I want more than 5 sends per SN.


Sorry to be a pest but are you using multi samples in drumagog and want to have numerous snare types or just triggering one sample per drumagog?

YES I do use multisamples. instead of Eqing the original snare I add different samples underneath to layer the sound. Like in parallel compression.

Yeah, I was thinking more on the line of using velocity splits in drumagog to layer various snares.

Or just duplicate the midi track and you’ll have 5 more send options.

Dissolving and duplicate would again mean more than one midi track per SN and that makes editing uncomfortable.

Dont know if this is even possible, but can you use one midi send to be the input of another midi channel?

Yes that what I already did and Miloslav also recommended but I ran into sync problems. Please read the stuff above and you’ll see. Drumagog has a latency of 79 ms.

Ah yes, sorry it was all the talk about virtual midi cables.

When I use drumagog it can go out of sync, as if it looses the PDC, this happens for me when I change say the latency setting on the plugin. The cure is to save the setup, quit cubase and restart, it’s then all back in sync!

Have you tried that?

Hi, Rolf,

so, have you already tried to use a MIDI send instead of the main MIDI output for routing one track into another? And it didn’t help?