Sends, groups and Volume Problems

Hello everyone, I have had a problem for a while and until now I have just put up with it. So I create instrument tracks, a FX track and a group track… The FX track has a reverb in and the group track just uses a send to add reverb to all the instrument tracks which are sent to the group track. Every time I use a send the volume of the original track increases… So if I use two sends (instrument -> group -> reverb) the volume increases even more. This makes mixing levels a pain, and it has to be done before I even start the track. I have seen on the internet where the send does not affect the volume but I cant understand what is going on with my template! I have looked at the routing and everything is routed to the ‘stereo out’. All I want is a group of tracks to go to an effect without changing the initial volume, what am I doing wrong?