Sends in Cubase-How?

I want to take my VI,and send the out put as a input to a Audio track, how do i do this?
In pro Tools I just select a bus on one of the sends of the VI, and use that as the input for my audio track that I want to record onto.
I don’t understand how to do this in Cubase,I’ve sent up external FX buses etc, in device manager, for my hardware, but I don’t understand how to set up the above situation.
Can you do this in Cubase? I don’t want to use physical I/O’s


First of all, why do you want to do this? If you want just to get the result audio track, you can use Render In Place, to render it offline.

If you want to re-record it in real time:

  1. Add an Stereo Output Bus in the VST Connections > Outputs (lets say Stereo Out 2).
  2. Route the output of the Instrument track to the Stereo Out 2.
  3. Add an Audio track and as an Input select Stereo Out 2.

As the 3rd way how to do this is to use Export Audio Mixdown; select the instrument track on the left list as a source, and export it. You can also immediately import it back to the project, which is an option in the Audio Mixdown window.