Sends not working

Here is the drill.
I have FX project template. I would like to create two mono channels with ping-pong delays on each. One has pan to left, another one to right. I would like to send the left one to right and right to the left one so my ping-pong goes from right to left etc. Cubase is not letting me do that. I can send one of those channels to another - but only one. If I want to do that to the second one the option is not highlighted.
Same if I would like to make two right-left delay with different time and send them to them self. That way I can control feedback with the fader of the channel (that gives me ability to use feedback with any other plugins that I will put on that track - eq for instance) I can’t even do this to same channel. I can send right to left but that is it. I can’t send left to right - it’s not highlighted. There is no option to send it to it self.
I used to work with pro tools and that was no problem at all. I would like to implement those ideas in Cubase but looks like this is not possible. Unless I’m missing something.

That´s the restriction of Cubase´s “free routing” - no feedback loops are possible. You can do it, via your soundcard though (depending on soundcard)