Sends now default to post-fader?

I’m finding channel sends are being swapped from post to pre fader when opening up projects. Anybody else find this when opening a N10 project in the latest update for N11?

EDIT: Changed title to reflect update.

UPDATE: Sorry - Nuendo 11 lack of respect for preferences swapped my color prefs for post and pre sends, lending towards confusion. (Post text and title edited for clarification)

Trashing Nuendo 11 preferences seems to have fixed the fader pre/post swap on opening old projects.

However, I’ve noticed Nuendo 11 defaults sends to pre-fader on new projects. Anyone else see this change in behavior?

To me that is normal behavior.

Right - this update has got my head sooo twisted up. I believe the issue is more Nuendo 11 preference shenanigans, in that’s it’s not saving an old color preference for pre and post sends. I got confused in thinking the pre/post was swapped due to wrong colors (They were blue for like 15 years in Cubase before Steinberg swapped the color, so I must have set up a preference for the old color scheme years back.)

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^^^^^ So did I! :smiley: