SENDS of Cubasis don't bus to all outputs.

I use Cubasis extensively with a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface in my rehearsal room with some bands (to record and live mixing)

i send all channels to all outputs available (output 1-2 ; output 3-4 ; output 5-6)
(1-2 to the PA system)
(3-4 to headphones output A)
(5-6 to headphones output B)

==Problem/actual limitation
all tracks that have a SEND FX, like Reverb, delay, etc, are just working to output 1-2.

I think we would like that or we could select the SENDS outputs or at least, the SENDS could SEND the signal for all outputs available.
How it actually is working is bad because sometimes i don’t use the PA system at all, and the musicians (plugged in headphones output) don’t hear any effect at all.

Can we expect a solution for this limitation soon?