Sends om faders - flip.

It World be Nice to have a sendes on faders funktion(flip).
When making cue and/or sends level for foldback.
I have even used N6 in livemixing.
I’m using iCon Qcon(up to 24ch)

Use fader flip button on your Icon Qcon :

(Page 4 on the Icon Qcon manual) :

5b) Motorized fader control buttons section

FLIP button - Press the FLIP button to swap the parameter settings of the motorized
faders and the rotary encoder knobs.

Jep. But it would be nice to program “functions button” so you get ie send 1 or cue 1 so I individually can make a speciel mix with different instrument(Audio tracks) to the specific Send/Cue. In the samme manner when you are doing livesound on a digital mikser ie. Yamaha ls9/cl and chosing “sends on fader”. At the present you only get one audio track that you can send to various cue. To make a quick cue-mix it would be nice to do it the other “way”.
To have a function to do this would be a big enhancement.