Sends on Stereo Out?

Is it possible to create a send on the master track in Cubase 10? I’m able to do it in Nuendo 8 but in Cubase 10 “sends” don’t show up as an option for the master track.

I want to send the master mix to a group track (only works if you don’t assign the output of the group track or else it would feed back( and then use that group track as the input of the audio to record the master channel to a track (I’m doing this because I keep getting a Disk Overload error when doing real-time exports). I could do a loop out to and then back in from my RME sound card, but it seems to use less resources and not glitch out in Nuendo when keeping the routing within Nuendo.

Question answered.

Instead of having everything output to the stereo bus, have everything output to a group track. The group track can output to the stereo bus and send to your recording track

That works. Thank you.

Disk overload error is often caused by a too small buffer size. You could try increasing before exporting.

Thank you for the top @Hurmpie. I’m actually at max buffer for my card (2048). My mixes are quite full, partly because I’m using many Acustica plugins which require a lot of ram and CPU.

I hope Cubase follows Nuendo and allows sends on the Master Track like in Nuendo.

I use to have that problem, but it works in cubase 5, so what I did was get my old copy of cubase 5, send stereo out 1 to 2 and save it , then I open it in 10.5 and saved it as template in 10.5, now it works, hope it helps