Sends Pre/Post Automation

I’ve noticed that the sends Pre/Post button can’t be automated.
Is this behaviour normal? It would be so helpful if this would work!

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it looks like it is normal…

A workaround could be to use two sends… one pre and one post and to activate the needed one…

You can add the tag “feature-suggestion” to your topic…

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Yes I knew about the workaround, but this limits your workflow to 4 sends.
I’m mixing a show in 5.1 and have 4 REVs and 4 Delays, as this has a lot of FXs

The other workaround would be using 8 Sends as pre fader and the direct routing as post fader, but this obligates you to constantly automate the wet/dry plugins which can be really time consuming.

I don’t understand why this can’t be automated tough…

I don’t care about why… maybe it was overseen…?
we want that changed… feature request
so maybe @Matthias_Quellmann or @Fredo can comment on this

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feature request tagged!

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