Sends solo/mute bug solved in C*?

I’m finding this issue in 7.5.4 where soloing the group would play without Its sends. It seems like it’s a known issue.

Is this fixed in C8? It would be another incentive to upgrade.

Soloing has been a bit funny for a while. As a workaround, try always setting all your fx channels to Solo Defeat (Click and hold S on the channel). That keeps them ‘open’ no matter what is soloed. Should do the job…

Thanks for the hint. That’s crazy that mute and solo are unreliable!

Off the top of your head, are the solo defeated tracks “defeatable” by the Listen button?

The top of my head fell off some time ago, I’m afraid… :smiley:

I’m not sure, I remember something going a bit odd with Listen recently, can’t remember exactly how but I think there were groups involved. I’m sure I came across a post relating to this but can’t seem to find it and it’s getting a bit late…sorry…I’ll try again the morning (promises, promises…)

Thanks, I think I’ll use that workaround. Sucks that they still haven’t fixed it in 8. I’ll stick with 7.5. (On a side note - I’m lovin’ C7.5 so far - steiny just give us a solid update with atleast the critical bugs fixed and I’ll happily give you MORE of my $$$ :smiley:).