Sends to a stereo buss becomes MONO! HELP!

Been a Steinberg users since Nuendo 1 from way back in the day. THIS is the first time i seem to be having this issue and i cant figure it out. I am taking a mono source and sending it to a stereo bus by way of a Send. But for some reason the stereo bus is mucking with the panning. The Mono source is panned 100% hard left. But once it hits the stereo buss, it gives a TON of gain to the right channel (see picture). I tried following some directions (see picture) but i cant make heads or tails out of what SHOULD be an easy solution. Can anyone help me?
I am using the current version of Cubase Pro, fyi.


Open the Channel Settings Window of the Input Channel. On the right side, switch the Send Level to the Pan. How is the Send Pan set, please?

The link panners setting just works on all future changes to the new routed sends, all others stay where they were before the setting switched on.
This ensures that your mix stays intact, since the reset of all panners could mess up the entire mix.

Where is this link panner setting?

Again, the send panners follow the main panners from this moment on.

Thanks, i will check this out tonight while i am in the studio!

I looked at ALL the preferences in Cubase 11 pro. I could find nothing on link panner settings. Can you do a screen capture and post it here?

YOUR reply did the trick! I had no idea of this setting. Is this something new? I freely admit i am using sends in newer ways when i mix now and i may have missed this in previous versions. This is the first time i have seen the pan settings for sends. Thanks again for your reply to my original question!


It’s definitely not new. I don’t know, how long is this ic Cubase, but definitely for years already.

Anyway, I’m glad it helps.


The existing channels you can double-check under the Function menu of the Channel Seeing Window.

Heck Yeah! Thanks for the screen shot and info on this. VERY big help!!!

I guess i have started using sends in new ways which has revealed the panning option under the hood that i had no idea existed!