Sends to FX channels and dry signal control?

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Help, I’m struggling :confused:

I’m sending a mono vocal to an FX track with stereo (cubase pingpong plugin) delay. I want the FX track to be just the EFFECT. How do I alter/remove the dry signal in the FX track??!

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Parlanchin :slight_smile:

Several ways

Set send to pre fader and pull channel fader all the way down


select no connection on the channel output

If you really have the dry signal in the FX track, (which is fed by a send) then the only way is, to set the FX output to full wet signal.

Thanks for the replies.

Yep, I agree but how do I set the FX track to full wet signal?

You don´t set the track to full wet, but like I already set the FX (plugin) itself. Since you don´t mention which one that is in your case, check its´ manual

Ah, you have dry signal in the FX chain, well just set the delay to 100% wet, refer to the included FX PDF if you cant see it on the plugin!!!

You did mention which one it is, so apologies for that… :blush:
It´s got a mix knob…

Many Thanks Folks…You’ve rescued me again!


Foolishly I assumed the mix knob only applied to the wet signal (as in some of my outboard gear). :smiley: