Sensuous You featuring Kenny and Wim NEW VERSION

Something a little different than my usual stuff. I hopefully got the mix okay, but its a work in progress. THANKS TO WIM !!! For his tenor, bari, alto and the great Soprano solo at end.
I am trying this vibedeck app look for the tab that says Sensuous You to hear…let me know what you think I’ve never tried to mix 10+ horn parts before, was trying to keep the bright parts subdued in certain area so there was more texture…hopefully I got close

Thanks to TwilightSong and Pearldrivers for the suggestions!!! Here is a different version (different ending) Hope I didn’t go to far outside the box. Please share your thoughts and the addition to song is around 3:30 or so. I may have to remix but want to hear reactions 1st.
Thanks again

Wow, that is a little different! Very refreshing. Excellent musicianship from both of you as always. I thought the reverbs/delays around 01:30 were especially cool.

It sounds great to me. It must have been hard to work on all those parts remotely, but it sounds very live. Seems to me to want some brushes, but just a thought. Really nice!

very cool! piano and sax are like bread and butter. dig how its out there yet grounds itself with distant melodies and padded warmth. you guys are a great match up.
really floated nicely to this, excellent track!

Nice, not really my musical preference but it sounds great and it’s certainly well played by both of you.

I agree about the drum thing…I’m eventually wanting to put a live percussionist on it just not sure when I will be able to so I figured I’d just use what I have till then and maybe just leave it alone who knows

+1 :sunglasses:

REALLY enjoyed this!!!

Personally i wouldn’t mess with the arrangement at all! it’s a really unusual piece and personally i think that’s one of its major strengths, quite brave sans drums but for me it’s giving it a kind of ‘looseness’… intro reminded me of some of the stuff ornette coleman did on the ‘naked lunch’ film… NICE piece! :smiley:

Thanks, I am pretty sure you are right about drums. I was thinking maybe colors of percussion instruments. What do you think? I never heard the Naked Lunch tracks before, just listened and Wow that’s a great piece of music w/London Philharmonic so glad you turned me onto it !!!
Wim’s great playing at intro made me want a Coltrain-Dolphy type part…I panned him to right and I put another sax part on left for that effect. Then of coarse used Bass Clarinet sound in between piano throughout
Have you heard this stuff, its a great Jam. Coltrain and Dolphey in the 60’s

yeah i see where you’re coming from… really nice how the sop and clari’s timbres interlock! Coltrain had the most amazing tone i think, definitely able to give the sax a whole different level of emotion than most before or since! Peter King is probably the closest at the moment in my very humble opinion :smiley:

yeah i think definitely for effect with your tune… maybe as suggested earlier just a FEW brush swishes on selected accents and one or two cymbal swishes at most… i can’t really imagine anything esoteric percussion wise that wouldn’t sound like it was trying to be different for the sake of it. i still think though that any percussion will add a certain amount of not exactly harshness but it’ll detract from the whole vibe of the track.
You’ve pretty much covered everything register wise… personally; i wouldn’t mess with it!

Hi Kenny,

I really like the end result! :sunglasses:
I don’t think it needs anything else.

I enjoyed this collab very much.
Maybe we can do another?.. :wink:


That was absolutely lovely stuff. Beautiful sounds, lovely playing, lovely arranging. Echoes of Wayne Shorter/Weather Report. Superb.


Smokin! Very smooth and original sounding. I thouroughly enjoyed it. Wim, you’re tongue must’ve been wagging
at the opportunity to sink your teeth into something like this. :sunglasses:

Nice work, gentlemen!


Haha! Absolutely! :smiley:

You see this cat Wim is a bad mother–
Shut your mouth
But I’m talkin’ about Wim

If you would want to it would be an honor!. I am hopefully (if it works out) cutting a song with Byron House on upright…should be an adventure. I went to see him do a Charlie Mingus class/show on my Birthday (Yesterday) and was surprised that he remember me from playing together over over 10 years ago. Sent him the tune today and he wrote back an hour later asking bit rate. Maybe we can talk about that soon???

Really enjoyed this it was just too easy,

Yes, sounds cool! :sunglasses:
Keep me posted.

Happy belated birthday, BTW! :smiley:

Still celebrating…I got myself a Hammond XK-3C pro (dual keyboard model) and a 122XB got a great deal :slight_smile: I have been playing it non stop for the last 2 weeks. Trying to write something worthwhile on it. Hope we speak soon

Steve what a great complement Zawinul is my hero

listening in again. I love this stuff, cool the way the stabs give way to different piano movements. yes I hear reflections of weather report and even shorters solo work. this is unique to you guys though, definitely a great match up here, very cool mix on wims delivery.