Sensuous You featuring Kenny and Wim NEW VERSION


Just enough “out there” but still quite “accessible” – that takes REAL chops and thoughtfulness

Nice playing by all (both?) musicians, too

You need a better ending, IMO – one that brings the emotional journey we’ve been on to a satisfying conclusion

A friend of mine, Brad Dutz, is a much sough-after LA session percussionist who also has a side career in the avant garde – he’d love to put some tasteful stuff on this track and I do think it would take it to the next level. Let me know, and I’ll put you in contact with him

I see you use Imperial Grand. I’ve been saying for awhile now that it’s the BEST sampled grand piano available (at least for Jazz and/or Legit music)

I have heard some of Brad’s When Manatees Attack cd…an incredible work. Percussion is my thing and I have worked with several of the greats it would really be an honor to speak with Brad. I can PM you on the recording technique if you want the info but it is basically a combination of real saxes along with Vienna Instruments and the Bass Clarinet played off keyboard. I am going to listen to ending again

I did a session for a guy the other day (who is insane about using the real thing) that has a C7 grand and when I played a copy of a solo piano piece I did he freaked at sound. The piano really can sound great with just a few minor EQ adjustments. Do you use it? If you do I will send you the channel settings I use…would be great to swap info. I also have Ivory but I stopped using it when I got the Vienna Imperial

Excellent work. I hope Wim gets equal credits!

Both piano and horns sound great. Nice mix.

I think the ending needs a re-thought, it’s rather abrupt
after all that goes before.

I have changed ending as you and TwilightSong got me thinking, didn’t have to think long lol. Hope I didn’t go to far outside with it but If this works I will hopefully be able to ask Wim to replace my part…Not sure what you mean by equal credit, maybe you can help me understand by clarifying for me?

That’s a lot better, it works well.

I was just kidding about Wim, but was
wondering if you scored all the horn parts too?
Big ups if you did, great work.

Very nice piece.

Still like it a lot. Like the new ending.

Yes I did arrangement and Thanks so much for compliment, The Tenor solo at start is Wim in right speaker and keys in left. Bass clarinet through song is keyboards…and now the end is all keys after beautiful Soprano solo. On horn parts there’s Five Wim sax parts along with keyboard English Horns, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Clarinet…Trillian Bass

Hey Kenny,
It’s been a while since I heard the first version, but this certainly works for me. So much gorgeous subtlety.
This is outstanding. It just may have some healing properties to it.

I’m wondering - were Wim’s solos charted or did he improvise them? It sure sounds like Wim,
but your answer to Jet has left me unsure.

I’m loving this. Would have loved some light jazz drums in here too, but this song is strong enough without the drums.

Is the entire album done in this style?

I am still contemplating doing cymbals on this. Funny you asked about whole album, I am working doing more like this with my percussionist friend Glen Caruba. I want to call the album 'Hands" and use no kit on it. I am hoping there is a straight ahead market :slight_smile: I’ve recorded 5 tunes so far…I was at a Bela Fleck concert the other day and ran into an old friend Jeff Coffin so I asked him if he wanted to play on something and Jeff and Bassist Byron House came by and we recorded a song I am so excited about. Just need to put Glen on it he was out of town so we recorded with click.
It’s mostly a money thing, would have it done in a heart beat if I could afford to pay everyone so just saving money and spending as it comes in

I like the new version Kenny! :sunglasses:

Hi Lenny, the solos were improvised by me.

Wim all the way!!! Gorgeous solo, without Wim it would have never gotten to the next level or any where it needed to be. He saved the best for last!!!