Senza Sord


it is common practice for pieces with multiple movements that musicians remove the mutes when a new movement starts. I think it would be good if Dorico would automatically indicates this on individual parts (not necessarily full score).

That’s only necessary if the previous movement ends con sord. If the new movement also starts con sord., I would restate the con sord. instruction.

Since, as you point out, it is common practice. The common practice is not to indicate this on parts (even if the previous movement ends con sord).

To be more precise: senza sord. is default, and therefore not required to indicate at the beginning (like arco), but a composer/editor may add senza sord. (maybe in parentheses) as a cautionary reminder.

Having talked with orchestral musicians they told me that in parts it is indicated the senza sord (cautionary - but not always). I think it would be a nice feature to have. Con sord will anyway appear because as a composer you have to restate it in new sections