Separat choir layout from full score

Made a new layout for chorus SATB. Imported players (SATB) from the full score. This is what I get when I open the layout (see attachment). Is this a bug?

Happy Holidays to all Dorico fans.
Roar Kvam

It looks like no frames? Can you apply a master page to it?

Are the SATB players added to the flow as well? When you select the flow, are the little box of SATB players ticked?

Steve and András, thanks for your replay.
Steve: No, I can’t apply a master page to it.
András: I include an attachment to show you what happens when I select the flow and also the choir layout. (208 KB)

Can you attach the project itself here (in a zip file) or send it to me via email so I can take a look? I’m not sure what might be going wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to figure it out in a minute or two if you attach the file.

I’ll send you the file by e-mail, its too big here.