Separate '1' pointer tools

Can we please have the ‘1’ shortkey tools under separate shortcut keys?

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve hit ‘1’ to use the simple pointer tool and found it instead selected to one of the stretch tool options instead. Then I have to press ‘1’ again a number of times, which I usually over-shoot and have to go around the cycle again.

It seems a bit of a historical oddness that the pointer and stretch tools are all under one shortkey, but it’s been that way long enough, I’d say. Time to split 'em out.

There are separate key commands waiting to be assigned for each of the 3 modes of the Object Selection Tool. In “Tools” category. I don’t remember if it was version 10.5 or 11 when they became available.

What do you mean by “waiting to be assigned”? I know I can add my own keys to most commands, but can I fundamentally change the behaviour of the ‘1’ key to only select the ‘normal’ arrow tool and have separate keys for each stretch tool?



The default Object Selection Tool assigned to 1 will cycle the 3 modes.

  1. Object Selection Tool: Normal Sizing is the first mode. The normal one.
  2. Object Selection Tool: Sizing Applies Time Stretch is the second mode, that stretches.
  3. Object Selection Tool: Sizing Moves Content is the third mode.

Just unassign the key [1] from Object Selection Tool and assign it to Object Selection Tool: Normal Sizing instead.
Assign other keys to each other mode for stretching and moving contents.

OK. Got that. Thank you.

The only problem that remains is trying to find reasonable unassigned key combinations to those other functions. Finding unassigned key combinations is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Every good combination I’ve wanted to use so far is already taken! :upside_down_face: But I’ll figure something out.

Thanks again.

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That’s a real problem and that’s why I have the default option assigned, and just live with the occassional overshot that goes with rapid fire typing of the key.