Separate and edits parts?

Hi all,
i have an arrangement where the rhythm section repeats 3 times 8 different measures (something like verse, chorus and bridge), but the vocals and horns play different melodies all the time.
I would like to edit the parts separately, so for example the vocals and horns play 72 bars and the rhythm section repeats 24 bars.
Once in the finale, this was possible by generating the separate parts.
Is it possible also in Dorico 4?
thx in advance

Not to my knowledge. Having parts different from score (eg for bar repeats in one, but not the other) has been on our (meaning user) wishlist for years.

Hi Janus,
Yes, I was afraid of that. I’ve been looking for 2 years if I could find something but I never really came out. Now I dared to ask :-)…

It’s kind of stupid to hand out 2 or 3 pages with the same thing that could be done in half a page.
Anyway, maybe one day, thank you for your response.

I know it’s a faff, but you could have two versions of the project, one with the repeats and one without?

Or, to keep everything in the one file, perhaps duplicate the flow, create new layouts for repeating parts, remove the first flow from those parts, and remove the 2nd flow from the non-repeating parts?

uhm, maybe that’s an idea, with 2 flow. I’ll try it out!

What I had in mind was something like this…
fake repeats.dorico (936.9 KB)

oh wow that looks good! Now I don’t quite understand how you did it, but tomorrow I will definitely find out! thank you