Separate articulation for pp and ppp dynamics

I have programmed to articulations for Naturals, one for pp and pp articulations, (Playback Tech. Combinations) and one for p and up (includes mp, mf, f and so forth)

I also have a Natural with conditions for medium and below (playing staccato samples).

Now the playback engine defaults to this latter expression, playing staccato samples and not taking into account the dynamic conditions of the two former mappings. (Half notes played with staccato samples are just plain wrong :wink:

How can I get this to work? Using pp and ppp markings as add on switches will just mess up all other articulations as well. So, what do I do?

I’ve always thought it’s not possible to create articulations for immediate dynamics (either in combination with other artics (like natural), or standalone base switches or as add-ons).

Watching this thread to find out if that’s indeed the case…

AFAIK, that is entirely correct …