Separate control over duplicated midi tracks ?

Lets say i have a midi instrument ( bass/lead ) i like .

I want 3 midi channels with same settings as said bass/lead. ( low freq , mid freq , and high freq )
So i duplicate midi channels.
But when i change parameters / filter / ect , all duplicated channels of midi instrument are changed

Is there an easy way to do this with midi tracks ? So that i can duplicate a midi instrument , and change parameters eq/ filter each duplicated midi track without affecting the other ?


Just to be clear… do you mean MIDI Channels, or MIDI Tracks?
If you duplicate the MIDI Tracks, then the duplicates all respond on the same MIDI Channel (and will therefore all receive the same incoming MIDI data).
If you want independence between them, then you need to send each (duplicated) MIDI Track either to its own instance of the instrument, or if the instrument is multitimbral (such as Kontakt 5, for example), then at least set each track to a different MIDI Channel, and load up the same preset to each of those channel slots in Kontakt.

Yes, i meant MIDI tracks . Makes perfect sense , thank you .

( i think i am going to spend allot more time on this forum, cheers. )