Separate Export For MP3

It remembers my last used render settings which is good except that I never want to render mp3 files to my audio folder. I render them to my desktop always. I also do not want to export as mp3 and import that mp3 back into my project. Who would do this? Yet if that is how it was set for audio, I have to change it. I have to change the settings when I render mp3 files and change it back again when I switch to render wav files. This can be frequent and annoying. Rendering of mp3 files should be remembered as a separate preference.

I really which they would have added a mono feature to render parts as so many people have asked for.


This could actually be done with an export script, i.e. you can make a script to convert the resulting WAV (or whatever) file into an MP3 and then move that MP3 to somewhere else. This can then be selected at the bottom of the Export dialog when you need it. Not wholly convenient but it does work!

BUT, some sort of preset system in the export window would be great so you can swap quickly…


As long as I can make a macro for it that would be great.