Separate joined rests

Is there a way to separate joined rests on a case-by-case basis? I know I can change them globally in notation options, but I generally do want them to overlap. On occasion, though, I need to separate for clarity, as in the below, beat 2:
Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 10.30.01 AM

In Engrave mode grab a rest and set its Rest Pos(ition) property; you’ll find that the “other” rest is behind it.

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And forgive me if I should know this, but I can change the rest position global setting per-layout, but not per-player, correct?


Is that a “non-percussion” drum part? I have to move rests so often with them that I even have a Stream Deck button to filter for rests, then assign rest position 6 for stuff like this:

If you want to assign a shortcut to it the command is UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kRestPositionOnStave&Value=int: 6

You could obviously filter for Up-stem Voice 1 first too.

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If an option is in Notation Options, it applies to whole flows, and affects all players in that flow and all layouts that flow appears in.

If an option is in Layout Options, it applies to whole layouts. Some options can be set per-player in each layout.

Options in Engraving, Playback, and Note Input Options apply truly globally: across the whole project, all flows, all players, all layouts.

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@FredGUnn I think I set a similar shortcut for slash voice position = 0, but need to do this for rests, too. Thanks.

@Lillie_Harris Thank you. It would be ideal for, especially, rhythm section parts to be able to set rest properties (and I’m sure some others as well) on a per-player basis, though I imagine it’s a major deal to implement!

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