Separate Key Commands for mixer zoom now exist

You’re right. I totally missed it- I didn’t even think of looking in the drop down menu, then I was snide about it to boot. Classic. Lucky you called me out on it.

Anyway, sarcasm aside, that’s great news.

I have to make comment on this Zoom issue…

Being as myself and others have been complaining since 7.0, this is a pretty lame fix.

Is it really that hard to make this issue functional so we can get on with our work?

When someone hits the spacebar or the number pad, the G & H zoom should be active on the main track window.

If the Setting for the MIxers is off ‘Normal’, then the G & H zoom should control the main track window.

Is this really so damn hard to figure out?!!

Is this not obvious to you people how important this is to workflow?

Is workflow not a critically important aspect of a DAW?

Come on !!! fix this !! I am so frustrated waiting for you people to get your act together!

Well, if they ever fix the focus issue the independant zoom will be nice.

Here’s another simple solution…

The G & H Zoom ALWAYS affects the Track Window… No Matter what.

An ALT-G & Alt-H could control the Mixer window… no matter what.

not really, you have to have the mixer in focus to use its hotkeys. And the point is not to jack up your mixer zoom when zooming around in the project window.

It would ONLY jack up your Mixer window IF you hit Alt-G or Alt-H.

I would be happy to take that chance and would rather take the chance as oppose to what I’m dealing with now.

This issue is not minor. When I’m mixing, it comes up every few minutes. EVERY FEW MINUTES! It is a major pain in the A__. This problem did not exist until 7.0. and it’s still not fixed.

You can hit ALT-G all day long if the mixer is not in focus, it won’t affect the mixer zoom.

How about if you had KCs that always zoom the project window, and nothing else, no matter where you were in the program? Would that not solve the above?

Create two macros:

Project - Bring to Front
Zoom in


Project - Bring to Front
Zoom out

But the FR here should be “Make Key Commands contextual to the window being worked in”

Spacebar starts and stops the sequencer, it should not be used an a contextual manner nor for any other function.

I wonder why this problem didn’t exist in 6.5?

When I was in the mixer and I hit 1 on the number pad, I was now in the project window and I could hit G or H as I needed. It was a perfect work flow… very smooth and efficient. no glitch. no cursing.

Can we stop looking at why we can’t fix this and start looking at how we can?

Steve in Chicago wrote:
How about if you had KCs that always zoom the project window, and nothing else, no matter where you were in the program? Would that not solve the above?

I like your suggestion, only with having 2 screens, the '‘Project to Front’ doesn’t kick me over to it. I tried ‘Track-Next’ and even though It highlighted a track in the Project window, it still left my G & H over on the Mixer Window.

Maybe because the new mixer window is a different class of window, and the old mixer did not have zoom commands.

The macros as I posted work with two screens.

Did you deactivate “Use Standard Zoom Commands?”

I wasn’t saying the Space bar should invoke this operation, I was saying that WHEN someone hits the spacebar or the #pad, the G & H should work. HOW that takes place is up to the engineers or someone out there that has a trick up their sleeve.

btw, thanks to all who are contributing, and my apologies for getting so testy, but my mind is boggled at the fact I’m still having to deal with this.

Yes, I did…

Also, I went to the ‘Bring Project to Front’ gave it a KC and was unable to bring it to front. The G & H wouldn’t work until I clicked on the Project Window.

the Space bar & numberpad work no matter which window is in focus. It IS possible. :wink:

Hey Steve, I re-read this… What is ‘FR’ and where do I “Make Key Commands contextual to the window being worked in”?

FR= Feature Request

I just made one in the Feature Request Forum.

The command is “Bring to Front” in the Project section of the Key Commands dialog. It works here. Are you sure this was not operator error?

Didn’t even think about using FR… thanks

I tried several times, and I’ve had a lot of experience with writing Macros, so I think the Operator tested it well :wink:

Since I couldn’t get “Bring to Front” to function, I’m at a loss… at the moment…

btw, I have to commend you for making the effort to resolve this. Of all the posts I’ve had on the subject, yours is the first to offer a solution. ( not to be confused with suggestions : )

thank you…
sounds like a great fix!