Separate Key Commands for mixer zoom now exist

How about if you had KCs that always zoom the project window, and nothing else, no matter where you were in the program? Would that not solve the above?

Create two macros:

Project - Bring to Front
Zoom in


Project - Bring to Front
Zoom out

But the FR here should be “Make Key Commands contextual to the window being worked in”

Spacebar starts and stops the sequencer, it should not be used an a contextual manner nor for any other function.

I wonder why this problem didn’t exist in 6.5?

When I was in the mixer and I hit 1 on the number pad, I was now in the project window and I could hit G or H as I needed. It was a perfect work flow… very smooth and efficient. no glitch. no cursing.

Can we stop looking at why we can’t fix this and start looking at how we can?

Steve in Chicago wrote:
How about if you had KCs that always zoom the project window, and nothing else, no matter where you were in the program? Would that not solve the above?

I like your suggestion, only with having 2 screens, the '‘Project to Front’ doesn’t kick me over to it. I tried ‘Track-Next’ and even though It highlighted a track in the Project window, it still left my G & H over on the Mixer Window.

Maybe because the new mixer window is a different class of window, and the old mixer did not have zoom commands.

The macros as I posted work with two screens.

Did you deactivate “Use Standard Zoom Commands?”

I wasn’t saying the Space bar should invoke this operation, I was saying that WHEN someone hits the spacebar or the #pad, the G & H should work. HOW that takes place is up to the engineers or someone out there that has a trick up their sleeve.

btw, thanks to all who are contributing, and my apologies for getting so testy, but my mind is boggled at the fact I’m still having to deal with this.

Yes, I did…

Also, I went to the ‘Bring Project to Front’ gave it a KC and was unable to bring it to front. The G & H wouldn’t work until I clicked on the Project Window.

the Space bar & numberpad work no matter which window is in focus. It IS possible. :wink:

Hey Steve, I re-read this… What is ‘FR’ and where do I “Make Key Commands contextual to the window being worked in”?

FR= Feature Request

I just made one in the Feature Request Forum.

The command is “Bring to Front” in the Project section of the Key Commands dialog. It works here. Are you sure this was not operator error?

Didn’t even think about using FR… thanks

I tried several times, and I’ve had a lot of experience with writing Macros, so I think the Operator tested it well :wink:

Since I couldn’t get “Bring to Front” to function, I’m at a loss… at the moment…

btw, I have to commend you for making the effort to resolve this. Of all the posts I’ve had on the subject, yours is the first to offer a solution. ( not to be confused with suggestions : )

thank you…
sounds like a great fix!

Your welcome.

If you are on Windows there are the weird Windows windows rules regarding Cubase being spread over two screens. Do you have the mixer set to full screen, if so did you try it the other way 'round? (Now would be a good time to go to the User Control Panel and add your system info to your sig. It’s brain-numbing to ask the same exact questions over and over.)

Anyway, if people show a consistent interest in the specific FR of having context sensitive key commands It might get some traction. It’s here:

It is also possible that the decision has been made already, they are revamping the project window for a future update.

Maybe this will explain what i think I’m after…

How to operate key commands in the Project Window, Screen 1,

while focused on the Mixer Window, Screen 2,

and without touching Screen 1 first.

it’s used for the purpose of being able to perform certain operations, by keystroke, and be able to view the results on the project screen ( s 1 ), while working on the mixer screen ( s 2 ) … just like with the Spacebar & NumberPads.
I’m not sure if what you said is the same thing?

Please reply to the thread you quote from.

Hope So

Actually, I’ve been posting this in Feature Requests since 7.0 … no results except for this latest lame fix which leaves no zoom control on the Mixer Window unless you activate “Use Standard Zoom Commands” and then go back and deactivate it.

It STILL doesn’t resolve the problem.

I think you might have missed the point of the OP, which is:

In the Key Commands dialog in the Mixer section there are now zoom commands exclusively for the mixer.

I’m not sure what ‘OP’ is but I found the Zoom commands you’re referring to.

Personally, I would have put them in the ‘Zoom’ folder and called them ‘Zoom mixer in’ and ‘Zoom mixer out’.

OP=Original Post. It’s forum-speak.