Separate markers?

How can markers be separated when they get stuck together? I can’t them up individually (magnets are off), and the Markers window is kind of confusing as to what’s where. Nothing I could find in the manual…

If you left click on a marker in the Markers tab, you see some options to convert a marker from one type to another.

So, you could convert your “stuck together” CD Track Splice marker to something else with this easy feature. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to simply “unstick” a CD track splice marker and make WaveLab change it to both a CD Track Start and CD Track End marker.

WaveLab considers a CD Track Splice marker to be one marker and not two markers which it arguably is.

Maybe PG will know a secret trick to do this, but I looked closely and also tried to use the “Convert Marker Types” feature to trick WL into changing a CD Track Splice Marker to both an end and start marker to “unstick them”.

I see– well, I never intended to put in a splice marker in the first place.
We’ll call this a feature request, hopefully.

Thanks a lot!

Well, maybe PG will have a hidden workaround for you…it’s been known to happen. I just wanted to quickly mention the left-click to convert marker types for now as it’s very late in Europe right now.

While I would rarely use it, I can certainly see the case to add a feature to “De-Splice CD Track Marker” to turn a CD Track Splice Marker into a separate End and Start marker.

The marker window should be the solution. What it confusing there, in your eyes?

Well, because I had never used a CD splice marker, and didn’t know what it was. :slight_smile:
Although minor, it seems to me maybe it should be able to be converted to both CD start & end markers, someday.