Separate mutiple songs in one project to individual projects

Here is what I have: 10 (32 trk) songs in one project, organized into groups/FX sends and roughly mixed. C6

I would like to move each song to a separate project (including all plugs and routing) before performing any automation and final mixing. Each song starting at 000.

Is there a more accurate way to do this other than deleting all the other songs events, empty trash, move song to 000 and saving as?

Maybe empty pool then saving template and copy audio from original? Will a template save plug presets as well as channel bussing?

The last thing I want to do is screw up the project. I suppose experimenting is a way to learn, but any suggestions would be sweet.



Heres how I would go about it.

Use Backup Project from the file menu.

Delete from the arrange page everything you dont want. do Backup project with the options ticked. Track 1
Reload original multi song project delete, backup etc.
Continue untill all songs are backed up.

You will now have New Projects, one per song with everything intact.

Oh and its bad practice to start at bar 0, best to maybe start at bar 5 and then in project setup, set a Bar Offset to display the song start at bar 0 and have a -ve count from -5.

That totally makes sense. Thanks again Split!

I’m about to do it. Isn’t there an option in backup to remove unused files? Is that the same as emptying trash in the pool? In other words, the things I delete in the arrange page will not be included in the backup?

Sorry for the newbish questions.

Yes you can chose to only backup whats on the arrange page, so all files will be only what you see.

Of course the original will still be fine so no need to worry.

Very cool.

You rock man!


There is an easy way i found out.
(in C5 but should work in C6)
Open a New project while your project with the multiple songs is still open.
Don’t activate it.

Now you got a inactive Project but you can copy and paste events in it.
C5 brings all the Tracksettings with the Events.
I don’t know if automation comes with it but i think so.

So select the files of the “Song” and drag it over.

I found this out while i’m copying some drumtracks in a other project to sample the single sounds and wonder… :open_mouth:

Thanks jesterdyne! I’ll have to try that out as well. Not sure if that would bring in the group and FX channels tho.

The learning curve continues…

You’re welcome

Maybe you can create a empty project where subgroups/routing are already in it and load this song by song.
So the only thing you have to do is to route the tracks on the sub’s/outs.

Only a few Clicks this way:

-> mark multiple tracks in the mixer -> hold down shift -> select output/group