Separate players per stave

Hi, starting to score again after a bit of a hiatus but baffled on this one…Trying to create a separate stave for a Trumpet player on the Full Score but Dorico doesn’t want to do that (even though I have a separate player in the Setup)…At the moment I the Full Score has Trumpet 1 & Trumpet 2 on the same stave - even when I try to add notes on the Full Score it won’t let me…

I’m sure there’s an easy explanation for this but baffled at the moment…Thanks

hmmm, might you have, by default, set up your score to show it in condensed view?
I believe Layout Options → Players → Condensing

Ah yes, perfect, thank! I had condensing on (and wanted it to be) but just needed to tick Trumpets as being excluded from condensing.

Thanks again, much appreciated

You can switch it on & off without the dialog with Edit > Condensing.

Just a reminder: even with condensing on you can always edith (insert notes) on the singular staves switching to Galley view.

Thanks - its all coming back to me now :slight_smile: