Separate sampling rate and Buffet settings for project and recording

Hey folks at steinberg,
It would ne really cool to have two different sampling rate settings within Cubase. I really like to record my vocal and guitar tracks at higher sampling Rates due to the smoother aliasing Filters of the converters of the Audio Interface. But I don’t like to have my projects run at higher sampling rates, because of the increased CPU consumption of the plugins in my project. Would be really cool to have the possibility to have Cubase telling the Audio Interface to track at a different sampling rate than the project has and automatically convert the recording to the project sampling rate after recording. Since Cubase has excellent converting algorithms, this should not be a big problem.

Same goes for buffer sizes. Would be cool to ne able to Set a small buffer size for All tracks that have Cubases Monitoring button enabled and the rest of the project is using a higher buffer size for processing :wink:


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Sample-rate switching and conversion might be feasible, but why? Can you actually hear a difference, or do you just feel it might be better? Many of the discussions around ridiculous sample rates have died down in recent years, and A/D converters have gotten better; just asking.

Buffer size switching would makes sense, and in fact many of us do just that … decrease buffer size when tracking with playback, but then increase buffer size (manually) when mixing, in order to reduce CPU load.

The problem is, buffer size is under the control of the vendor-specific proprietary driver of whatever audio interface you’re using, and Cubase cannot change that; you have to do it manually, using whatever utility is provided by the audio interace vendor.

That is pretty much what is already happening with ASIOguard and has been since some time….

Two sample rates in a project is not really feasible, as your audio interface can only use one at a time. At one point you either have to upsample one signal or downsample the other. You could probably delay that just before the master bus, but it would add loads of complexity for no real gain.
If you really are convinced your audio interface sounds significantly better at higher SR, you might want to check out other interfaces, imho.

Well, you are right that high sample Rates are overrated and I’m not talking 192k or more. My Standard sample rate is 48k and I’m totally fine with that for 90% of the time. But sometimes it does feel smoother and more pleasent to record vocals at 88.2k or 96k. Maybe it is just psychological.
For the Buffet size Feature, it does already exist in Studio one. IT is called low latency Monitoring Mode and turns on a second buffer stage with Ultra low buffer settings which affects recording tracks only. So somehow this magic must be possible :slight_smile:

True, and as long as no track is record-armed.

They are both just an additional layer of buffering added by the application. In Windows at least, there is no way for an application to change the buffer size used by the audio interface driver.

As for sample rates, unless someone can show me the results of a hearing test proving they can actually perceive frequencies over 20kHz, then sorry, I don’t want to be part of that conversation. I’m happy with 44.1kHz, and use 48kHz only when working for video.

Of course, and that is exactly what the OP asked for: lower buffer for record enabled tracks, bigger buffers for all the other. A hybrid engine. Already there Cubase since the invention of ASIOGuard.

Really never thought about asio guard in this way. It is turned on in my projects scince I started using Cubase and almost forgot about it :smiley:
Really impressive what incredible features the folks at steinberg invented eben back in the days. Thats why I’m still with Cubase after all this years :wink:

At least there should be a keycommand for changing buffer size.

The buffer size is set outside of the realm of Cubase. It is part of the ASIO driver and can therefore not be key command accessed by Cubase.

True, but as ASIO was developed by Steinberg, it would have been actually possible to implement a function that let the program using ASIO change the buffer size. Whether that would’ve been a good idea to complicate a driver that should just do one thing well, is another question. I’m not sure.

I think nowadays with ASIO-Guard there is much less need to change the buffer size anyway, I have mine set to 128 samples, which is a good compromise and I rarely, if ever, feel the need to change that.

It can be accessed through Studio-Studio Setup-Control Panel so there could be a shortcut for that. I have already done it through Touch Portal but it would be nice to have key commands for every item in Studio Setup and also be possible to handle them in PLE…

That just calls the product-specific control utility (an external program). Once that’s on screen, yes, the user can make changes, but Cubase can’t. You can automate it other ways, but not from within Cubase.