Separate 'Save New Version' from '.cpr', use unique format

It would be better if ‘Save New Version’ was it’s own file type that isn’t a .cpr file. I do a lot of Save New Version’s. It would be better to just have one .cpr project, and then have revisions of that file in a different format - ‘.cprrev’.

When ever you ‘Save New Revision’, it saves both a new revision with a new number (name-01.cprrev) and the .cpr project file at the same time. So whenever you do a .cprrev save, it is a direct mirror of the .cpr file (also no saved) until you make a change.

You can continue to do regular saves without a new revision to the one .cpr file. So when you search for the file, you know it’s the one for that project. Sometimes I’ve done ‘name-100’ save new version as’ as can’t remember what number I’m at.

Backwards compatibility isn’t an issue, because the ‘.cpr’ is always updated with either the last normal save and or last ‘save new revision save’

1 .cpr file! Unless directly specified by user via ‘Save As’ in which a new project number can be manually added.

Just start using random extensions for revisions? Makes total sense to me, dude.

(It’s nonsensical.)

Random extensions? You’re asking me if each time you save a revision it will create a new random extension like ‘.pizza’, ‘.blow’, ‘.dude’, ‘.wheresmycar’ ?? No.

Just one extension, I made one up as an example.

In terms of the logistics, it totally makes sense - this is how most back-up systems work. It keeps the project folder more organized, and easier for multi-person teams to work on the same project. Why not just have one .cpr file to open, and be able to open revisions from within that one file?

It also resolves the mediabay from bringing up 100 .cpr files of the same project when searching for projects - it would resolve all sort of problems here - comments, ratings, etc on project files don’t get lost.