separate windows / montage / meters / etc

i’m starting to experiment with a 2nd monitor on my system and was wondering if WaveLab is capable of separating the MONTAGE window with the METER and CD/PROJECT MANAGER/ETC window?

i know you can make workspaces, but they don’t seem to be able to use the Montage window… only various tool or meter windows. i’d like to have the montage and editing on one of my monitors and the metering and project management windows on another.

is there no way to just click and drag various sections to manually undock and arrange them from the consolidated pane of the main layout?


I haven’t tried them all, but I’m pretty sure you can float any of the metering tools. Try right clicking on the tab of one of them and you should see a “Float Alone” option.

thanks, justin… that helps… would be great if we could float any window… but i think this is probably good enough for now!

Since I have a one screen workspace I haven’t explored all options. Maybe if you have a specific request, PG can tell you if it’s possible now, or consider it for WaveLab 10.

Yes. You can float the meters anywhere. Been using 2 monitors for years and it works great.

sadly, as i have found out… when you switch away from wave lab, the meters on the 2nd monitor disappear… this is a function of wave lab… not of the mac, as it seems.

since the meter windows are not “mac” windows… ie: they don’t have the standard macintosh border, 3 dots in the left corner, etc… they aren’t considered “separate windows” but rather part of the main consolidated WaveLab window residing on the main computer monitor… so you can’t, for example, have pro tools on the main monitor with wave lab’s meters on the 2nd monitor. as soon as you switch to pro tools those meters disappear and are replaced by a blank screen.


I have run meters on a second screen for a long time. I also have a PT system. I am somehow missing what the benefit of having WL meters on a screen, but not doing anything, would be when you are in another app?

I’m going to guess using Pro Tools to pitch the audio through the analog chain, and WaveLab to record from the analog chain (or vise versa) due to the current limitations of WaveLab to do a pitch/catch in a reasonable way.

hmmm… i wonder then when i switch to PT the WL meters on my 2nd monitor go away…

as justin said below (above), yes, i play out of PT and capture through the chain in WL, so i can immediately trim and edit.

maybe my issue has something to do with the Mac OS and “spaces” or “mission control” or whatever they call it now. however, WL/meters is the only window/app that behaves this way. right now, for instance, i have Safari on one monitor and my UAD Console is happily on the other one.

if i switch to WaveLab right now, then back to Safari the meters go away on the 2nd monitor…

i appreciate all of the help, suggestions and feedback… but, sort of giving up now. i’ve tried every combo of mac/monitor/mission control/wavelab/etc settings and can’t get it to work.

at one point when i realized you could group all of the meters into one consolidated workspace window i thought that would fix it… since the window was now an “official” mac OS “window” with the 3 dots in the upper left and such… but, no, didn’t change anything.

WaveLab continues to be the only program that won’t show on the 2nd monitor when another app is on the first monitor.

the only thing i can think of is that the 2nd monitor i’m using is a USB monitor going into a USB jack on my iMac and maybe because of that, because it’s not going into a thunderbolt port it’s being treated differently. but why only WL would respond oddly to that and not other applications i don’t know.

anyway… again, i appreciate the help thus far and don’t want to take up any more of anyone else’s time on this!