Separating apparently locked frames in Dorico 3

i’m sorry if this has been answered before but i couldn’t find anything relevant when i searched the forum and the youtube video concerning frames seems to have different details from what i’m finding in Dorico 3.

i created a new flow and i want to put a text frame between the text frame containing the flow title and the music frame.

when i created the flow, the title frame and the music frame overlapped.

trying to move one or the other of them (to remove the overlap) fails because they seem to be linked (moving just the music frame moves them both and vice-versa).

there are the constraints showing locked or unlocked states but they don’t seem to make a difference.

i’m unclear how to proceed. is this even possible? i know i can move the bottom of the music frame up and place a new text frame after it but that’s not really what i need (or want to do).

what am i missing in this workflow?

by the way, the youtube video concerning frames seems to show a small key switch when frames are selected that must be turned ‘on’ to edit frames. this switch is gone in Dorico 3 (so maybe it’s become irrelevant?)

thanks for the help!


As of Dorico 2.2, Flow Headers are linked to the Music Frame. You will have to do this manually. Disable Flow Headers and add a new Text Box to hold the Flow Title.
To edit frames, instead of a switch, you select frame edit mode. 2nd icon down on the left in Engrave mode. This changed in 2.1 or 2.2.

thanks craig. i’m unclear on how to ‘disable flow headers’. looking in the manual doesn’t seem to help much. going into engrave mode and looking to the right under ‘Flow Headings’ doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. if i edit the default i’m presented with a new window showing the flow text frame but how to ‘disable’ it is not forthright.

can you be more specific?

thanks for your help,


Layout Options—Page setup—Flows. Turn them off there.

Engraving Options say what individual items will look like, for the whole project.

Layout Options say what is the global format of each layout (page size, staff size, headings, etc…)

Notation Options say what the music notation looks like in each flow (beam groups, etc).

If might help to spend a bit of time browsing through each group of options, to get your own “mind map” of what the previous three sentences mean, and therefore where to look for things you want to change.

thanks dan, very helpful.