Separating audio at marker postions

I am moving over to Nuendo for audio recording and editing from Pro tools. I record long form audio (audiobooks mainly).

When recording in pro tools I add a maker on the fly to correspond with any mistake that I note in the script. By the end of the recording I could have up to 500 markers across the days session. When moving to the edit stage I select ‘Clips and Markers’ from the dropdown in the grid selection box, select all audio in the track, then from the edit menu I select ‘separate clip’ on grid. This then prompts a box asking me to enter a ‘Pre separate amount’ which I leave at 0mSec and then select ‘OK’. This then cuts the audio at the all of the marker positions.
I then delete all markers and are then able to tab from edit line to edit line as the script dictates to edit out the errors. Sounds long winded but its a very quick process and enables me to conduct a first pass edit without having to play back and edit in real time. A god send on 10+ hours of audio.
I would really like to adapt the same method in Nuendo, but think that this could only be solved with a macro?

Could anybody give me any tips here to achieve this? With or without macro?

Help greatly appreciated as this is the only thing that is preventing me from using Nuendo for the whole production process over Pro tools.