separating events that lie on top of each other

i have an audio part that contains several takes as multiple events and these have been cut to smaller pieces for comping.
my problem is that all these events lie on top of each other so obviously most of the are not visible.
is there an easy way to move them back into separate lanes within the part?

nb this is an old project originally created in cubase vst (i e an .all ) and then imported to cubase 8 via sx3

thankfull for any input that could save me alot of time and trouble


Hit on the track control “show lanes” or use from menu “audio” create tracks from lanes

thank you but doesnt work cause it not really lanes its just a bunch of events on top of each other

Right click on the track selector and hit “clean lanes”. Tha will create lanes from every event.

Edit: Pliktro suggested a more elegant solution.

thanks for your input.
pliktro: hitting “clean lanes” doesnt do anything. theres still just multiple events on top of each other within the part. maybe the events are treated differently because they are imported from an older version?

janko: what was your solution?

peter it works trust me i did a test and it worked.
Just open lanes and you will see that every event will have his own lane.
I did a test imported many wav files all at same start point and when i hit “clean lanes” every single event is on his own lane.
Just make the test.

P.S Dont forget to open lanes or else the whole track will show as you said all event in one place.

i got it working. i had to “dissolve part” first to get all the events out in the arrange window, then “clean up lanes” to get them on lanes out in the arrange window, then “events to part” to get them pack in the part this time nicely spaced out on the “lanes within the part”. thanks!

Glad you solved this…