Separating held notes from other tied notes in bar

Excuse me if there is an obvious answer to this, but I have scoured the forums with no luck. I’m doing my first piano score (first in Cubase and then exported as XML to Dorico) and I have the same problem in both. When you have a held note in a bar, as soon as other notes appear, it’s split into tied notes, with the same values as the other notes. This ends up looking pretty ridiculous, as you see in the example. The low G sharp should just be a dotted half note in 3/4. The more notes that are added above a held note, the more complicated and ridiculous the part looks. There must be a way to separate it from the other tied notes, and write it at it’s own value (dotted half), but I haven’t found it. Thanks for any and all advise.
Example 1.png

You’re looking for a different Voice. Select the G and right-click > Voices > Change Voice > New Downstem voice. This will create a voice 2, which you should use here on out.

Perfect, that did the trick!