Separating posts about the newest version of dorico?

I wonder if Steinberg shouldn’t try to seperate the older posts discussing the obsolete earliest version of Dorico from the more recent ones, dealing with the new version. The users have already written so many posts that it is hard to get an overview over the present state of the program - the forum is now crowded with posts about bugs that were fixed already …
It probably would be nice to find the older posts in a separate folder named with the program version.
developement / state of the program.


That’s an interesting idea, but although we are certainly working hard to move Dorico development as quickly as possible, I think the labour involved in going through the many threads that already exist and working out which might need to be moved to refer to an older version would not be insubstantial. The only way I could imagine we could do it would be to take all threads that started before the 1.0.10 update was released and move them, but this would throw a lot of babies out with a lot of bathwater, I think.

Users can always add the version to their Subject lines, can they not? That way users themselves can indicate whether a thread is about the original release or the update–and whether the thread has moved on from the original to the update.

To add to this, it would be nice if there was a drop down menu to show what version you are talking about from here on out. And make it a required field to be filled in before someone can post. That would start to fix the problem.