Separating Staff Lines in Layout

In one of my projects, there is a Vocal, Violin, Viola and Piano part. In the Layout section, is has linked the Vocal-Violin; Vocal-Viola; Vocal-Piano parts together. I am not sure how it got set up this way, but I need them to be separate for printing parts individually. How do I un-link these parts and make them individual?

In Setup mode, select a layout in the right hand column, then select the players you want in that layout in the left hand column.

Welcome to the forum, Jessie726. The other option is to try doing Setup > Create Default Part Layouts, which will make a default set of parts, with one player per part.

Thank you for responding Daniel. Is there any way to split this up after the composition has been created?

Players / Flows / Layouts are linked but you can break the individual links and re-form them however you like, at any stage in the composing and engraving process.

Assuming each player (left panel) only holds one instrument, follow Rob’s advice above: select the part layout (in the right panel), then untick the players you don’t want (left).

If you’ve somehow created a single player that holds both a violin and a vocal part, you can add an empty player (bottom left corner of Setup mode, but hit Escape rather than actually adding instruments). Then click the little dropdown menu to the right of the Vocal/Violin player, and drag the Vocal “instrument” down to your empty player.

Then follow Daniel’s advice.