Separating two Dorico Pro licenses

My wife and I have been using Dorico Pro 4 under what we thought were separate licences. I purchased Pro 5 recently and subsequently upgraded my Mac to Apple Silicon. I have similarly just upgraded her Mac, but when I went to install Dorico from scratch on her system, it gave me the choice of activating v4, v5, or both. As she has not purchased v5 yet, I can only assume she is running off of my licence. How do we separate the licenses? If need be, we can create a new Steinberg ID for her, which should do the trick. But then we would have to transfer the second licence to her name. That is not a problem for us, but I don’t know how to do it. This is not the most cogent of explanations, but I hope it makes sense.

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Did you buy two licenses for Dorico 4 originally? If not your wife was already using your license just on another machine. The License is bound to your user account at Steinberg and can not be split to another account.

Dorico is licensed on a per-user base, with the allowance to install and activate it on up to three machines. However it is still a license that does not allow sharing between different Users.

If you have bought just a single license and you want your wife to use Dorico as well you need to buy another license. Here you can read everything about the licensing.

I remember that @dspreadbury said something about this some time ago, regarding family, but can’t find it now. I think better wait for him to answer.


We purchased two crossgrade licences originally for v1 and have purchased upgrades for both of them continually since then. All of these purchases have been under my Steinberg ID. I suspect the problem may have arisen with the new licencing scheme and, without knowing it, we have been running under my licence ever since then. Certainly I never see her name on anything to do with Dorico, though that was not a problem when we started with v1.


Ok, in that case I think @dspreadbury is the one who can help you to get these licenses separated.

Thanks to one and all for your help. Hopefully Daniel can straighten this out.


I’ll send you a direct message, Richard, to ask for some more information.

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