Seperate Inserts for different Speaker Configurations Request

A large amount of studios process their different sets of monitors via the monitoring inserts using corrective eq systems like ‘Sonarworks’ which is impossible to do effectively in Wavelab because you cannot add different plugins to each set of monitors in the speaker Configuration section of the Master Section. This has been available in Cubase for some time now but needs to be added to Wavelab or it will be unusable for studios such as mine. When I purchased Wavelab recently I was shocked to find this feature missing.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long to make its way to WL? :face_with_monocle:

What do you mean C.Lyde? Are you saying this has now been added to Wavelab? I cannot see it.

Or just that it is taking too long? It is a big one for me when mastering.

I think it really needs something like the cubase/nuendo control room

When (if) we eventually get proper multichannel support I’d like to be able to add something like the nuendo mixerdelay and bass manager plugin - different volumes etc

+1 on that, I was very surprised at this, as well as the number of inconsistencies and bugs in a software that is this old. I feel like I bought an expensive car without a gearbox, or at least without a reverse gear. I have been looking for an alternative ever since…

Yes - basically that the Control Room concept has not made its way to WL … is strange