HI Guys - I have just bought GA3 and have read the manual through. I have an immediate problem using it as I would like to and this is the problem :- I would like to seperate each drum used so that it has its own VST track in Cubase - this would enable me to - a) mix the drum track in the Cubase mixer as I would like and - b) add reverb or any other effect in the cubase effects library as I would like to - ESPECIALLY reverb! (ie. just on the snare or toms etc.) So far I cannot see how this can be done. I can do it using the Halion drums as it is easy to assign a new track to each part of the kit and thus creating a new VST track at the same time. Please tell me that there is a way to do this !! Otherwise It will be a real oversight on Steinbergs part and a pain to use realistically within recordings. Help Help !!! :cry:

Hey Wilma,
Don’t know if you have figured this out yet, but you after create a song with GA3 then what I do is create 4 or more instrument tracks and set GA3 as the VST then I copy and paste the whole file to that track then open the edit window and zoom in then delete all but the Kick, then copy and paste again and delete all but the Snare then copy and paste again and all but the Toms, etc. Leaving the original track just in case of a mistake. Then you can also solo each track and export to your desktop and they will be converted into an Audio file with a wave form and then you can create 4 or more Audio tracks and simply drag them back into your project to edit with plugins, automation, etc. as you see fit. Then if you want you can delete all the Instrument tracks to save on processor usage. I don’t know if this is right, but it works. GA3 is kind of a pain in the rear. After creating a song you should be able to click File and then Save As so you can recall it if you need to, but for some reason they didn’t make it that simple. As a matter of fact I don’t even know if it can be done. The Memory Slots are for “snapshots” and the Presets don’t keep the Rolls you may have added…like I said a pain in the rear. Hope this helps~

Hi - I have only just read your reply - thank you - I have sorted this particular problem out. If you go to the VST instrument box in Cubase there is a little button to the left of the top box which you click to open all Groove Agent channels and this gives all the drums a seperate channel on the mixer. Many Thanks though.

Hi wilma,

thanks for this interesting post. Unfortunately I have the same problem with Cubase 6 and Groove agent 3. I would like to separate the different drum channels in cubase for further editing but I couldn’t find that small button you have mentioned. How did you configured your groove agent 3? Maybe some else has solved this problem!

Hello yall, that button they are speaking of looks like an input icon. It just separates the audio, not the midi. In the edit and setup interfaces, the output channels are activated respectively. As for separate midi channels done easily, I dont know!