Sequel 3->CubaseArtist6 Update: can't use cubase or sequel


I’ve recently updated from Sequel3 to Cubase Artist 6.5.
My complete upgrade path is this:
(Sequel -> Sequel 2) -> Sequel 3 -> (Cubase Artist 6 -> Cubase Artist 6.5).

After I updated to cubase:

  1. Cubase 6 tells me that it cannot find valid licenses for “Sequel Factory Content” sounds which are files like SequelContent00.vstsound, SequelContent01.vstsound etc. So Sequel Factory Content is not available in Cubase. But, Cubase is wrong, because Sequel 3 license I owned is actually the valid license for those.

  2. Also (probably because of previously mentioned problem) when I want to import a sequel project into cubase, it says it cannot find some sound files. This means, I can’t import any of my sequel projects to cubase (or most of them).

  3. When I choose a midi loop (for example from “Instrument Set Synthesizers” Content Set I bought before), I can not play it for preview. Play button is there but it does nothing. Here, I can see and search the content; but I can’t use it. Regular Auido Files in content sets are OK, but midi loops are not OK.

  4. I cannot use Sequel 3 anymore because, Cubase 6 update updates the Sequel 3 license to become Cubase 6 license. So, Sequel 3 cannot find its license. Then what should I do if I want to use my Sequel 3 ?
    I thought about reactivating sequel 3 but those problems caused me hesitate trying it.

  5. Even Sequel program comes with thousands of factory content loops. But I can’t see any factory content loops with Cubase Artist 6. Is this normal or it is like that because this is an update ? Or is this another problem ?

Yesterday I had a working Sequel 3 with thousands of loops, now I’ve much less than that. I’ve more than a few unfinished projects in sequel also . If problems 1 & 2 are not solvable then, I need to go with Sequel. But problem 4 prevents that. I’m really confused here. Those updates are published as if everything is compatible (I don’t remember anything about such incompatibilities mentioned anywhere), but “Sequel + Cubase Artist 6 = Nothing” in my case.

Are there anyone having similar problems ? Or can you suggest me a next step ? Should I request support directly from Steinberg, open a bug or do what ? At least I want to make Sequel3 work.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if anyone from steinberg checking these posts but,
I cannot use the products I paid for (sequel3 : because license is gone, cubase: because no factory content).

Urgent help requested, thanks !!!

If you want urgent help, you better open a support ticket and not wait for an answer here in the forums. Good luck!

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Same thing happened to me .I contacted steinberg…They told me to Download Zerotime and to buy another dongle.Didnt have any problems until opening Sequel3…