Sequel 3 EQ Presets Vanished

Hey all, I’ve been using Sequel since it first came out. Yes its basic but I love it.
I’m using Sequel 3 now and have been since 2012.
Today with no warning, the EQ Presets all disappeared.
I did the usual, PC Reboot, uninstall, reinstall. It didn’t work.
Downloaded the software as a brand new package direct from Steinberg, and reinstalled
but the EQ Presets are still missing.
Any idea what/why this has/could happen and how to fix please?

Thanks loads for any patience and help.

I don’t use Sequel, but if it works like other Steinberg products you should try deleting the User Settings Folder, which would be found in your Start Menu. Then, to get the presets back, either

  • launch the program.
  • reinstall

If that doesn’t do it maybe someone who uses Sequel will respond.