Sequel Content not showing in Media Bay?

Hi guys,
I hope you can help.
My Sequel content is not showing in the Media Bay?
Yes, the boxes are ticked and I have rescan the bay?
Any advice?


You don’t have the Audio filter checked.

Thanks, but still no joy:


All the filters should be un-checked, first. Is there a license for Sequel on your Dongle?

Yep, licence:

Still no joy:

Thanks again.

Are you sure the content is in that folder? Are you sure it isn’t zipped or the like.

I do not know?
Where would the audio/midi loops be?
I have looked in the Sequel folder, but I dont know what I am looking for?
I dont think that the lops are in an audio format, they might be zipped into a .dll?

There are no audio files in the Sequel folder.


There’s the answer, then. There should be audio and MIDI loops according to your screenshot.

Makes sence!
OK, I’ll ask on the Sequel forum.

Thanks Nate.