sequel content set in Cubase 7

When i send a loop of sequel content set from mediabay to an audio channel of my Cubase 7 project, i heart some pulse noise that i can’t see when i audit the sample.
Have any some idea?

Waht about original tempo of the loop, and tempo of your project? Do you sync tempo of the loop with tempo of the project?

If you export the track, can you hear the noise too?

Thank you for the reply. :smiley:
The loop has a range of 80-178 rpm, my project 120 rpm and of course this is synchronized to the tempo project.
In fact i noted that if i save the project and reload it, the noise is disappeared.
I think then the noise is caused to the resampling of the loop due the synchronization and when saved or exported, the noise is not more present.
Will it be right?

It should works imediatelly, after import. Resampling, anf changing the tempo should be done during the import. There is no reason, why should you reload the project.