Sequel LE no sound output/signal

I am using Sequel LE that came bundled with my Zoom G3 FX processor. I am running Windows Vista and the Zoom in via USB. Everything in the setup page looks correct. Shows my G3 as the controller and the ASIO driver for the Zoom pedal. I have Realtek Audio and desktop speakers. When I strum my guitar I can see a bar meter react in the Sequel program with no sound though to monitor what I am playing. When I go to the program tuner it reads “no signal” in red. I also cannot hear the metronome. I have read through the PDF manual and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong in order to begin recording. The Zoom pedal works via the USB and the Zoom Edit and Share software just fine so it communicates fine that way. Any advice please?
Thank you!

If you have selected the Zoom ASIO driver in Cubase then all audio will now be going through the Zoom so you will need to connect some speakers to the Zoom or headphones.

Does that apply to Sequel LE, which I am using? How about when I try to tune my guitar in Sequel with the built in tuner…it says no signal. I don’t really need to tune in there, but figured that might be a symptom of the problem too. Also, if I select ASIO4ALL driver or the other low latency windows driver, which I have installed on my PC I still don’t hear sound. Is the Zoom basically the soundcard and output monitor if it is hooked up via USB?

You should really post your question here

Thanks, but it won’t allow me to post for some reason in the Sequel forum. That is why I came to this one. I just can’t find or get any support from steinberg to help me out.

sounds to me like you havn’t activated the monitor button next to the record button on the track :smiley:

I know this is off topic, but I have been trying to post to Sequel 3 Forum for weeks. I have registered and my details appear at the bottom of the screen of the forum, but there is nowhere to activate a post. Help please. Thanks.