Sequel lt 2

Question 1: Are all help topics for Sequel usable for Sequel lt 2? Sequel 1?

Question 2: I figured out how to include a loop track (bass) and designate the key (for example D). Now when I record my guitar track, how to I change the chord of the bass from D to A or another chord in the coarse of the song? Surely, the bass doesn’t have to play with only one chord throughout the song! thanks… Tom

Mistake in my “subject”… Should be Sequel LE 2.

I’ve waited for over a month for a reply… nothing. Maybe my question is too stupid!

oh well… Tom

I suggest you post in the sequel forums instead, this is the hardware forum.

I guess I can post a reply… but I can’t open a new topic… so I’ll post my question here.

When I open a new track, I can’t get the “input selection” option to appear so I can select the track on my CI1. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks… Tom